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Metocean Analaysis Software

Since 2009, Icon has developed numerous bespoke software applications, to help our clients process and analyse their metocean and ice data.


  • Automated and semi-automated quality control of metocean data.

  • Extreme value analysis for preparing 100-year and 1000-year design criteria.

  • A web-based ice database for the Caspian Sea. This system is used throughout the winter to record ice thickness, vessel transit time, satellite imagery, ice forecasts, and produce daily reports.

  • Operation time analysis for weather-constrained activities.

  • Automated assessment of weather forecasts to score their timeliness and accuracy.

  • Simulation of long-distance icebreaker journey times based on vessel performance models and historical ice thickness data.

  • Models for predicting Caspian Sea level change based 50-year on climate forecasts.

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