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Bespoke Software

Beyond our specialisms in Metocean and Agriculture, Icon undertakes bespoke software consultancy work to help our clients disrupt their markets through technical innovation.


One of our strengths is bridging the gap between academic research and user-friendly commercial implementation. We develop desktop, web and mobile applications. We have experience in a wide range of programming languages and software platforms, in each case selecting the best tool to meet the needs of the project.

Recent work includes:


  • A CAD package to design systems for guiding self-driving robots through hospitals and factories.

  • A tablet-based application for commercial electrical inspectors, replacing inspection paperwork with electronic forms, and enabling sophisticated back-office data analysis.

  • A real-time software controller for maintaining radio antenna alignment on a moving vessel.

  • A online tool to allow UK farming businesses to predict the impact of Brexit and prepare accordingly.

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