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Onshore Metocean Systems


Icon developed and maintains Helimet: a web application and database which provides up-to-the-minute metocean data for hundreds of oil and gas platforms throughout the UK. The system is an essential part of pre-flight planning for the offshore helicopter industry. Helimet also incorporates a real-time pressure display in Aberdeen Airport’s control tower, which allows pilots to be given the most accurate altimeter settings.


Data Portals

Icon has built numerous in-house metocean data portals for major international oil companies including:

  • MET-REACH (BP, Repsol, Total, and more)

  • METNET Global (Shell)

  • Caspian WebMET (NCOC)

  • CaTRoMET  (TCO)


Elements > AIS

Icon Elements > AIS is a real-time AIS display aimed at large commercial harbours. A mobile-friendly remote display shows precise vessel locations.

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